Easy Fuse Finder

The easy way to find fuses and circuit breakers – eliminates guesswork when locating fuses and MCBs and avoid nuisance de-energisation.

The kit consists of a mains powered transmitter, test lead to connect the transmitter (IEC lead), battery-powered receiver.


  • Dual voltage operation (can be used on 110v or 230v supplies)
  • Easy to set up (simply connect and then you’re ready to go)


  • Uses ferrite transducer to detect the transmitter signal
  • Autotune function means there are no fiddly dials to adjust
  • An LED bar graph and audible tone clearly show when the strongest signal is being
  • Memory reset allows the correct MCB / fuse to be located with great
  • Auto power off preserves battery

Includes: Special carry case and batteries