Quick Calibration Checkbox

A Checks that your instruments are maintaining their calibration; avoids costly and time-consuming site revisits due to inaccurate test equipment. Provides peace of mind that your test instruments are reading correctly at all times especially when faced with an unexpected reading. Is quick and easy to use.

  • Test lead nulling point
  • Three continuity test points
  • Three insulation test points
  • Two loop impedance test points plus local loop
  • ¬Ĺ, x1, x5 30mA current and time test settings

Includes: Protective case/mains lead/test leads for resistance and insulation

  • checks/calibration certificate with measured values

B Simple calibration Check Box

Checks testers for consistency of insulation and continuity measurements.

  • Fits 4mm test leads
  • Six test points plus Null position