Socket, Earth Loop Tester and Digital Multimeter

Combined Socket tester, Earth loop tester and Digital Multimeter – the all-in-one electrical tester for gas and appliance engineers. Colour coded terminals switch positions and leads make operation safe and easy.

  • Heavy-duty rubberised cabinet
  • Loop test results are given with a GOOD, CHECK or FAIL indication for easy interpretation of results
  • Fail condition is indicated by a red backlight and an audiblewarning
  • Magnetic strap allows the tester to be hung securely from metal-clad appliance to free up hands
  • AC / DC volt indication
  • Continuity setting with an audible tone at lowresistance to allow “belling out”
  • Auto Null feature to ensure accuracy
  • Red Volts present LED gives a clear indication of acontactable voltage irrespective of the rotary switch
  • Can be supplied with prods, clips, and socketadaptors for use at sockets, fused spurs orappliance terminals and
  • Auto-off function to preserve battery